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La Romance du vin La Romance du vin
Alain Bellemare

Rigaud, QC

Type de produit: Vins

À propos de nous
Our vineyard La Romance du vin was founded in April 1999. In May of the same year 6,000 vines were transplanted. It was the beginning of the adventure...

• Our vineyard is located near the Ontarian border, exit 12 of highway 40, facing the Rigaud river near Mount Rigaud, 220 meters, which draws up its mounds of moraine at two kilometres to the North-West. Our land covers approximately 60 acres sloping at about 2 degrees from the west to the east, 12 feet higher than the level of the Rigaud river; better known under it's name of 'la Rivière à la Graisse'. This river ends at a delta, formed by the Ottawa river and the Rigaud river and the lake of Two-Mountains. We are within two kilometres from the Lake, south-east of the Carillon Island.

The Soil

• The rather heavy soil, mainly glacial deposits called 'Till', is composed of sandy clay sediments of marine and lakeside origin.These very fertile clays are grey and red. Some may have a depth reaching from 18 to 25 meters in some areas. The few rocks which were unearthed at the time of ploughing were composed of granite of oval and polished forms. The drifts are those, which were transported by the glaciers. Mount Rigaud, distant by two kilometres of our vineyard, is an immense cluster of various matter left by the glaciers as they melted. During their course, the glaciers eroded the rocks by levelling, striating and polishing some of these surfaces. As the glaciers advanced, they tore off and carted fragments of rock, as well as the greatest part of the movable grounds, that they then deposited on the way when they stop and melt. One calls this type of glacial material 'till'. The till is any sediment transported and deposited by a glacier and which generally is not sorted by melting waters.

The Climate

• Located at only two kilometres south of lake of Two-Mountains, the vineyard profits from this vast stretch of water to moderate the ambient air temperature. Indeed, since the dominant winds coming from the west and from the north pass above that extensive length of water, they warm up by taking a little heat, one or two degrees thus avoiding the late frosts of spring in the beginning of May or the early autumnal frosts of the end of September or at the beginning of October. The season is thus lengthened, making it possible for the grapes to take a greater maturity and the wood of the vines to ripen over a longer period. According to Statistics Canada, our area profits from a period of sunshine varying from 2,900 to 3,100 Thermal Units, based on the growth of corn.

• You can support your local producer when you visit one of Quebec's vineyards! Come and visit us if you can. It will be a pleasure for us to greet you and share with you our love of winemaking and that of our soil.

For any information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Find us :

La Romance du Vin is located in Rigaud, Quebec, Canada.

Address: 108 Chemin du Bas de la Rivière, Rigaud, QC J0P1P0

Tél : (514) 996-7945


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All our wines are made with grapes without the addition of any chemicals to alter taste, aroma and texture. These wine are made with respect to our health: we only add sulphites (obligation by law: 10mg to 50 mg per litre). These wines are made traditionally, just like my ancestors were doing it in the vast region of Cognac, in Charente Maritime. Our wines are made with the combination of the vines varieties we grow in Rigaud: pinot noir, baco noir, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, riesling, geisenheim et chardonnay.

Pratique de production (nos standards de production)
Although we are not certified BIO, we do not use any herbicides or chemical fertilizations. We just use the manure of our sheep and horses.

The weeding is done manually (50%) and mechanically (50%), but the manual work in the vineyard take us just about 75% of our time. We spay our vine with fungicides; sulphur, copper and Ferbam.

Information aditionelle
There is no charge for the visitors who come to our vineyard to taste our wines. We have a terrace accommodating 24 visitors at one time.

Bring your own luch and come and samples some wine.

In season:

From June 15 to September 15

Week days: 13H00 until dusk

Week-ends: 10H00 until dusk

Not in season:

from September 16 to June 14

Week-ends only: 10H00 à 19H00

(or by appointment)

We have a terrace which can accommodate 24 people;

you supply the lunch, we will provide the wines for your meal.

Guided visit if temperature allows it...

us :

La Romance du Vin is located in Rigaud, Quebec, Canada.

Address: 108 Chemin du Bas de la Rivière, Rigaud, QC J0P1P0

Tél : (514) 996-7945


Points important ce mois-ci
Our wine won a few distinctions:

Our red wine (Vino di Peppe):

-Bronze medal in 2010

Silver medal in 2011

Gold medal in 2012

Rosé wine (Correspondances)

- Bronze medal in 2011

Late harvest (Brouillard d'Automne)

- Gold medal in 2012

Ice wine (Frisson d'Hiver

- Gold medal in 2009

Mistelle (Rêve Parisien)

- Silver medal in 2010
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Breuvage: Vins

Commande ID Nom du produit [À propos du producteur] Type Prix
Les commandes sont actuellement fermées. #1182 Vino di Peppe
Vino di Peppe est un vin rouge léger, sec et fruité élaboré avec 60 % Pinot Noir, 25 % Cabernet Franc et 15 % Baco Noir. un vin léger et onctueux qui fait 12.8 % al/vol.

élevé en fût de chêne.

Médaille Distinction à la Coupe des Nations 2010

Médaille de bronze Fingerfakes wine comp. 2011.

Médaille d'or à la coupe de Nations 2012.

Commander en/à bouteilles.
$15.00/750 ml

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